Browser and HTML5

HTML5 as a tool for modern GUI development has meanwhile become a de-facto standard also in industrial applications. The possibility of utilizing a design for several devices (responsive design) is a persuasive argument for its use. Modern processors with integrated graphic accelerators provide sufficient processing power to also enable sophisticated visualizations. This, however, is often the first pitfall when there is no PC used:

How can the SoC graphics accelerator be used? Which browser is the right choice for displaying e.g. HTML5 content? And how can the browser work with the graphics accelerator?

We would be happy to offer you the development of a Linux distribution tailored to your use case, with optimized graphics support and a carefully selected browser. We can assist with the selection of suitable browser applications, and arrange connection to the respective graphics core and integration into the chosen Linux distribution.

An overview of our service offerings on browser solutions can be found here.