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Embedded Linux BSP

We benefit from long-standing experience in the creation of Board Support Packages (BSP) for a diverse array of computer architectures such as: ARM, x86, MIPS, PowerPC, and many more.

Perhaps you are already familiar with Linux on your server or desktop PC? If so, you probably also know a Linux distribution – all the software that you received for your system along with the Linux kernel.

In the field of embedded, there is also something like a distribution. However, in this field it is often designed and developed based on other aspects.

What is a BSP?

The question in the foreground is often (memory) size; it is also necessary to have specific drivers (e.g. for special hardware), a boot loader sui generis, update mechanisms, etc. Since this collection of kernel, specific drivers, libraries, programs, etc. is almost always designed for or adapted to a particular hardware (system), the term Board Support Package has established itself in preference to distribution. The term "Embedded Linux" is also used in this context.
With our BSPs, we offer easy access to your application development in Linux. You will not have to worry about details such as toolchain, boot loader or image generation!