IDE for your Linux

Once the decision has been made for Linux as the operating system, the next issue concerns the development environment, a decision factor that often even proceeds the decision on a suitable build system. Up until recently, the answer to this question was often a proprietary IDE. Concerning usability and user interface, MS Visual Studio was very frequently the standard.

Thanks to Eclipse, there is now an open source based IDE that fulfills all modern requirements. Rather than a lack of individual components, which are expected by user these days, the difficulty of dealing with the Eclipse IDE is, as so often the case with OSS projects, know-how on how to find these, and how to integrate them into a loadable and performant system.

This burden can be taken off your shoulders. You will receive a fully functional IDE that you can use on your development computer in Linux or in MS Windows. Simply insert the DVD, install the application and begin working! It can't get any more productive than this!

Our Eclipse-based IDE is matched exactly to your requirements and not associated with licensing costs whatsoever! You will only need to allow for one-off installation and configuration efforts. You will not find yourself in a vendor lock-in!

Further information to our IDE can be found here.