Debian – Security, Durability, Reproducibility!

Debian is one of the longest-serving and most comprehensive Linux distributions on the market. Debian offers an enormous amount of pre-compiled packages for various CPU architectures: x86 (32-bit and 64-bit), ARM (with and without hardware floating-point unit), PowerPC, MIPS and many more. The myriad of supported architectures is what makes this technology especially interesting for the embedded environment.

Many aspects of interest in the embedded field are already covered. Debian lays great emphasis on security, among others. For every package, security updates are provided in regular intervals, along with the option of automatic notification alerts for available updates.

Being a ready-made distribution, Debian requires tools to tailor it to the respective use case. Linux has developed the build system ELBE for the reproducible creation of such systems ( ELBE supports the generation of a customized Linux distribution for your board and offers comprehensive features such as the maintenance of open source licenses and the integration of proprietary programs.

ELBE is an open source solution – you are not placing yourself in a vendor lock-in! We support you with any services you require to successfully implement ELBE into your project! This includes, among others, the creation of Debian-based BSPs, trainings and workshops to the build system ELBE, and of course also the maintenance of your distribution!