Yocto – an Ecosystem

Yocto is not a distribution, in contrast to Debian, but rather an ecosystem. More simply put, it is a tool kit to generate your own Linux distribution. In the past years, Yocto was very strongly enforced by some hardware manufacturers and gained very large market shares through this advocacy.

With its so-called layer concept, Yocto provides the option to integrate manufacturer-specific alterations such as bootloader adaptions. This is why many hardware providers look to Yocto to relay their BSPs.

However, Yocto also has its challenges. The layer concept in particular entails a high level of complexity and not uncommonly brings about compatibility issues, as layers of different manufacturers need to be aligned with the respective Yocto version.

We are here to help you understand the complexities of Yocto! We can customize Yocto to your use case, integrate your applications, and help you migrate to another solution if needed. Our Yocto training courses enjoy huge popularity!