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IoT and Data Security

In times of the IoT, data security plays an important part – the prevailing question being: is it possible to store data in a cloud so that they are protected from unauthorized third party access? Should this be possible, is there a way to self-administer access to data without having to rely on user rights management and access control mechanisms of the cloud provider?

We know and have a solution to these demands:

To store data in a cloud securely, an SQL database in the cloud serves as the basis for the exchange of data between the data producer (sensor gateway) and the data consumer (client). Requirements for this database are minor as it is not responsible for safeguarding data. Data are stored in tables in the database, critical data are encrypted and stored in a binary block (eBLOB). Data encyption ensues via a symmetric encryption method in the sensor gateway, reconversion of encypted data into plain text occurs only after transmission to data consumer systems, so that sensitive data are never in the public network or in the cloud in plain text.

In order to self-administer access to these data, data is encrypted and decrypted via a symmetric encryption method. Encryption is effected by means of an asymmetric encryption method to guarantee a secure exchange.

In this context, we have developed a procedure that ensures a high security standard of user data to meet the high requirements of data confidentiality – we would be happy to consult and support you with the implementation of this procedure in your project!