IoT – Gateway Solutions

Many devices and systems already communicate with each other today, exchange data, and are connected to a cloud to store and access data. It is a requirement to secure both the devices and data that is produced on these devices, i.e. ascertain integrity and therewith validity. In addition, these data need to then be transported securely, meaning safe from manipulation and protected from third parties, to e.g. the cloud.

Linutronix software for the IoT-Gateway enables all of these functions, adapted exactly to your performance expectations and your system!

It enables you to collect your data on a secure system, filter, process, and then make this data available. The software enables data encryption and secure transportation into the cloud and back. Moreover, it is possible to use the already existing infrastructure!

This facilitates new business models that have been inconceivable until today – do you require these as well?

Further information can be found in our fact sheet "IoT – Gateway Solutions".