OLE (object linking and embedding) is a technology developed by Microsoft that allows the exchange of documents within different programs. At first, this method was only available for MS products (Excel, Word, ...). It was implemented in the automation industry as OPC and essentially promoted by providers of SCADA software (supervisory control and data acquisition, process visualization).

However, OPC featured several severe limitations due to its MS origins. These limitations led to the development of OPC UA (unified architecture). The most prominent features of the OPC UA communication stack are

• Portable ANSI C implementation
• Scalability of embedded controllers to mainframes
• The stack can be compiled for multi-threaded as well as single-threaded/single-task operation, which is necessary for porting it to embedded devices.
• Implementation of its own security, based on the latest standards, ensures real security.
• Configurable time-outs for any service
• Chunking of large data sets

At Linutronix, we offer to integrate the OPC UA ANSI C stack to your Linux computers. We support you with the integration of both the OPC client and the server.