Qt is a C++ class library for cross-platform programming of graphical user interfaces. It is not, however, restricted solely to this. Qt offers comprehensive functions for internationalization, as well as database functions, web browser implementation (also suitable for HTML5) and XML support, and it is available for various operating systems. Qt is delivered together with a programming environment. Since version 5, it is possible to separate implementation and design during programming with support of the description language QML.

Qt employs a preprocessor, which enriches C++ with functions not found in the language standard, such as signals and slots as well as introspection. The generated code aligns with the C++ standard, enabling translation with commercially available compilers.

Since version 4.5, Qt is implementable with LGPL, allowing the development and distribution of commercial software (and for your know-how to remain with you). License-related limitations need to be considered in this case.

Linutronix is able to support you in all aspects of Qt. Our services begin with the decision of whether Qt is right for your tasks, and end with a finished product that we have custom-developed for you – willingly in collaboration with your designer, based on your CI. It goes without saying that we also offer training courses, consulting, and support concerning individual aspects.