Safe Network Access

Protection in the embedded sector is often reduced merely to transport security. Current attack scenarios show that there are considerably more aspects to consider: among these is a secure connection as well as secure access to your embedded system.

Several different firewall solutions available to GNU/Linux provide good fundamental security against attacks from the net. Network traffic is monitored by the firewall; which data are permitted to the services of your embedded systems can be determined according to defined rules.

Moreover, access to your embedded system through the network for maintenance, configuration and retrieval of data can be made secure. For this, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) offers the option to completely encapsulate data traffic between your PC and your embedded system and shield it to the outside. In conjunction with web servers or web services, this security concept can be supplemented with a Transport Layer Security (SSL/TLS) secured connection. Key- and certificate-based access control enables a so-called public key infrastructure (PKI), a powerful tool that also provides the possibility to effectively protect loss of access data. Further, various procedures for multi-factor authentication can be combined. It is also possible to integrate hardware-based processes such as smart card and key token.

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