02.Sep 2021
The PREEMPT_RT Locking Code Is Now Merged For Linux 5.15
  Linus Torvalds has merged the Preempt-RT …
01.Jul 2021
Guided Tour of @ProjectELISA Workshop 2021
Thomas Gleixner, CTO of @linutronix_LX, is your …
22.Apr 2021
Linux.com Interwiew withThomas Gleixner
"In the trenches with Thomas Gleixner, real-time …
04.Mar 2021
EDC 2021: "Hypervisor, Realtime and Graphics - a contradiction?" from Ahmed S. Darwish
To what extent does a GUI influence the realtime …
29.Jan 2021
Embedded World 2021: "TSN With Linux – The Challenges Ahead" from Kurt Kanzenbach, Linutronix
Day 2 - Tuesday, 02 March 2021
16:15 - 16:45 h     
25.Jan 2021
Latest presentations at the OSS-ELC Europe 2020
At the Open Source Summit & Embedded Linux …
08.Dec 2020
Training Calendar 2021 online
The 2021 Training Calendar is now available. …
10.Oct 2020
Presentation "Architecture of switched endpoints under Linux" at TSNA Conference
The presentation "Architecture of switched …
28.Sep 2020
Time Sensitive Networking with Linux
(by Kurt Kanzenbach) The Time-Sensitive …
20.Jan 2020
Embedded World 2020 - Hall 4 Stand 4-260
At the Embedded World 2020, which will take place …
13.Nov 2019
Linutronix at ESE Congress in Sindelfingen
Linutronix will have a stand at the Embedded …
04.Nov 2019
Dev-Insider IT Awards 2019 - GOLD in the Category Embedded
Linutronix GmbH has won gold in the category …
24.Jul 2019
Preempt-RT ready for integration into Mainline Linux
Linus Torvalds has accepted the proposal of …
22.Feb 2019
ELISA - Linux in Safety Critical Applications
Linux Foundation just announced the new ELISA …
06.Feb 2019
Best Speaker Award 2018
Once more one of our presentations has been voted …
10.Jan 2019
Embedded World Exhibition 2019
You want to learn more about our services? You …
18.Nov 2018
TSN on its way to Linux
TSN (T ime S ensitive N etworking) is getting …
16.Jan 2018
Critical security flaw in a larger number of CPUs
Maybe you have heard about this issue in the …