Linux Internals

Course Description

A course for those who already know Linux, but want to get deeper into it.
It introduces the scheduling mechanisms of Linux, real-time, multicore, CPU isolation, various methods of inter-process communication and best practices for application development.
In addition, it is about driver development, how to build your own kernel and integrate your own drivers into the kernel. The program is rounded off with the topics realtime, tracing tools and Debian as an example of a package system. In short – everything a developer is interested in around Linux.


To participate in this course, basic knowledge of the Linux operating system is expected as well as experience in dealing with the shell. In addition, basic knowledge of the programming language C is required. Our course Linux Fundamentals provides all requisite skills.


The agenda for the regular course can be found here.

Duration: 5 half days remote or 3 days on-site

For registration and further information please contact us at schulung@linutronix.de.

In case of cancellation of the training due to force majeure, illness of the instructor or consultant and other unforeseeable events, there is no claim for delivery.