Realtime (Preempt-RT)
Programming & Tracing

Course Description

Realtime Programming - What is realtime? Do I need it? Which approaches are there in Linux to achieve realtime? What is the Preemption-RT patch? How do I need to configure my Linux system for realtime? How can I evaluate the system? What needs to be considered when I write a realtime application? These and many more questions are answered in this course. By the makers of Realtime Linux!

Realtime Tracing starts with a short introduction to Linux and Preempt-RT. This is followed by an explanation of uprobe and the performance counters, which provide important information for the analysis of RT problems. An introduction to BPF (Berkeley Packet Filter) gives you a first insight into this powerful tool, which is excellent for analysing Linux systems.

Each of these two trainings can be booked as a single course. Especially for realtime applications, however, it would be advisable to attend both courses.


To participate in this course, basic knowledge of the Linux operating system is expected as well as experience in dealing with the shell.


The agenda for Realtime Programming can be found here.
The agenda for Realtime Tracing can be found here.


Duration: Each course 2 half days 09:00 - 13:00 h

Dates 2022: 

Realtime Programming
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Realtime Tracing
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950,- Euro each excl. VAT (online training*)

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As a precondition for the training to take place, a minimum of 3 participants is required.
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