Embedded World 2021: "TSN With Linux – The Challenges Ahead" mit Kurt Kanzenbach, Linutronix

Tag 2 - Dienstag, 02. März 2021
16:15 - 16:45 Uhr

TSN With Linux – The Challenges Ahead mit Kurt Kanzenbach, Linutronix

The Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) extensions provide real-time capable and deterministic communication for regular Ethernet. Not only does the network has to be deterministic, the end-stations have to act deterministic as well. Due to its popularity in the embedded field these end-devices are often driven by Linux in combination with the PREEMPT_RT patch. Within the past years lots of TSN functionality and mechanisms have been developed and implemented in the Linux ecosystem. TSN consists of three basis components: Time synchronization, traffic scheduling and network configuration. In this contribution we will present what the current challenges in each field are and how the discussions and possible solutions are evolving.