Preempt-RT ready for integration into Mainline Linux

Linus Torvalds has accepted the proposal of Thomas Gleixner, kernel specialist and lead developer of the Preempt RT project, to integrate the configuration option CONFIG_PREEMPT_RT in Linux Mainline. Based on this, the missing realtime patches for a complete integration will be created. The RT option is expected to be activated by the end of the year with version 5.4.
After several years of intensive work on the real-time capability of the Linux kernel, the preconditions are now fulfilled for the real-time patch Preempt RT to be fully and finally integrated into the Linux real-time mainline, making Linux an originally realtime-capable operating system.
Preempt RT has long since established itself as the standard real-time extension for Linux, and the support by well-known companies from numerous industries is great. Furthermore, Linux Foundation ensures its continuing further development. Finally, a growing RT user community, including Intel, National Instruments, Texas Instruments and others, is already waiting for Linux to move into the future as a real-time operating system.