coreinject - inject binary dumps from minicoredumper(1) into a core file  


coreinject [OPTION]... core binary-dump...  


If an application using libminicoredumper(7) registers a binary dump to not be included in the core file, the minicoredumper(1) will create a separate dump file containing the contents of that variable. A symbol map file is also created by the minicoredumper(1). Using these files, coreinject can inject that binary data into the stripped core file for use with gdb(1).

The options are as follows:

Inject SIZE bytes of data at offset SRCOFF of file SRCFILE to the core(5). The data is injected at the location of the IDENT as stored in the symbol map. This option is useful for injecting data other than that which was actually dumped by the minicoredumper(1).


If the binary dump used MCD_DATA_PTR_DIRECT, the separate binary file contains exactly that data. If MCD_DATA_PTR_INDIRECT was used, the separate binary file contains first the pointer value followed by the data pointed to by the pointer.  


Insert the binary data in bdump.bin into core.

coreinject core bdump.bin


minicoredumper(1), libminicoredumper(7), mcd_dump_data_register_bin(3)

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