Linux for Industry



"This must be the future!"

Thomas GleixneR started Linutronix  in 1996 with the clear focus of developing and using Linux for industry and promoting the use of Linux in industrial projects.

Due to the success and the growing acceptance of Linux in industrial fields, Heinz Egger joined the management in 2006 and took over the business and project area. Since then the company has operated as Linutronix GmbH (limited liability company). 

Continuous growth has been achieved since then, and the number of well-known, globally operating companies relying on Linutronix is steadily rising.

Furthermore, we enjoy great trust in the Linux community. But also leading industrial customers and the major chip manufacturers are among our customers. At the beginning of 2022, Linutronix GmbH was taken over as an independent subsidiary by Intel Corporation, a visible sign of the high quality level of our work.