Tailor made solutions

Tiny Linux - Linux for IOT

In times of IoT, a growing number of small and energy-saving controllers find their way into the industry. Where bare metal applications or simple operating software previously sufficed, it is now (induced by IoT) necessary to support communication protocols, file systems, and other complex technologies: The challenge is thus to conciliate the scarce resources of a small controller with a "large" operating system. With Linux this is not a big issue!

Linutronix is happy to offer support with the porting of Embedded Linux to resource constrained systems! Have we sparked your interest? We would be pleased to assist you!


Tiny Linux and realtime

As the creators of PREEMPT_RT, we are not only actively involved in the development of Realtime Linux, but also offer the adaptation and porting of PREEMPT_RT to a diverse array of platforms. Working with resource constrained systems, which are common in the IoT field, is also very familiar to us!

Do you have a hardware platform with limited resources and require a realtime system? Just contact us and we would be happy to advise!

Lightweight graphics libraries

Not all graphical user interfaces necessarily need to be resource-hungry. It is possible to implement sophisticated control concepts even through simple means. Especially in the Open Source environment, a multitude of libraries exist that work without graphics accelorators and with little storage space.

We are happy to provide advice on which library is best for you! Moreover, it goes without saying that we are able to adapt existing libraries customized to your needs!