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Yocto - an Ecosystem

Yocto, unlike Debian, is not a distribution, but rather an ecosystem, or more simply, a toolbox for creating your own Linux distribution. Yocto has been pushed very strongly by some hardware manufacturers in recent years and has gained very large market shares as a result.

With its so-called layer concept, Yocto offers a possibility to integrate manufacturer-specific changes, such as bootloader adaptations. This is why many hardware suppliers now rely on Yocto to pass on their BSPs.

But Yocto also has its pitfalls. The layer concept in particular leads to a high degree of complexity and sometimes also to compatibility problems, since the layers of the individual manufacturers need to be adapted to the respective Yocto version.

We help you to understand the complexity of Yocto! We adapt Yocto to your use case, integrate your application and also help you migrate to another solution if necessary. Our Yocto training courses are very popular.