Industrial linux

Now it's real(ly) time!

IGL - Features Overwiew

IGL is a proven commercial Linux distribution (Debian), which offers all conveniences and advantages of a commercial distribution, and on the other hand brings all features of an optimized solution for the industrial (embedded) area.

These features include primarily:

  • Configurability
  • Performance and expandability (also with own IP)
  • Adaptability to specific requirements
  • Small (memory) size
  • Realtime capability
  • Portability across different processor architectures

IGL features include ...

IGL features include ...

  • Security
  • Monitoring
  • Switch to Linux

IGL combines the stability of an enterprise distribution with the flexibility that has always been needed in the embedded environment. Thanks to the build system ELBE (Embedded Linux Build Environment) a customer specific Debian based distribution can now be created just as comfortable and reproducible. This can be used as a basis for all further developments at the customer.
IGL includes a long-lived (LTS) kernel, realtime capability (Preempt-RT), the RFS and the associated proven, robust toolchain.

IGL hooks in the RFS read only, taking the security of the system to a new level.


IGL receives regular security and product updates, so that the distribution is always up to date. This makes IGL the perfect choice for use in security-critical areas, and not only there.

IGL supports secure, atomic updates in the field, supporting both redundant technologies and an Android-like approach. Both, complete images can be transferred and a robust incremental update with bandwidth optimized packet sizes can be used.

Additionally, there are other optional packages to get a precisely customized solution. The packages include:

  • GPU / Qt Frameworks - includes the use of GPU and the adaptation of Qt to the hardware used
  • Containers - allows the use of containers according to the OCI definition, such as Docker. Our solution is compatible, but more tailored to the needs of the embedded world through higher security and smaller footprint
  • Cloud Interface - the integration of OT specific technologies such as OPC UA Pub/Sub, MQTT, AMQP, REST API. For more information see IoT and OTA Update.

With IGL you avoid the complex, time-consuming creation of your own Linux distribution. Do not underestimate the effort required to master all the basic technologies - firmware, kernel, security, communication, OTA and more - and to create a solution from them. And above all, to maintain them in the long term.

Rather invest the saved capacities in your differentiating activities, i.e. in your application!