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Realtime Networking - TSN

Course Description

Ethernet-based, realtime capable communication for automation is still a domain of proprietary field buses (EtherCAT, ProfiNET and many more). Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) as a standardized, deterministic (and therefore realtime capable) Ethernet solution is moving towards replacing field buses and standardizing communication in automation, process engineering, automotive and other areas such as video/audio.
The basis for the application is a high-precision temporal synchronization of the participants and realtime-capable operating systems. These requirements can be met with Linux with Preempt-RT and PTP for time synchronization.

The course teaches the basics of realtime (determinism), TSN, its implementation using hardware and software and how this can be realized with Linux. Optimization of network traffic under Linux such as XDP (eXpress Data Path) or DPDK (Data Plane Development Kit) as well as time-accurate, isochronous sending of packets and much more will be discussed.
After the course you will understand what TSN represents, how to set up your system for this purpose and how to determine critical parameters such as jitter or latency precisely.


To participate in this course, basic knowledge of the Linux operating system is expected as well as experience in dealing with the shell.


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Duration: 2 half days remote or 1 day on-site

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