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(OTA) / Update and Security

Course Description

In times of IoT and hence an increased need for security, the topic of updates is getting more and more important.
Here we show you solutions that are designed for the special needs of embedded systems. Secure updates even in case of power failure, redundancy, roll-back capability and supply of several devices (optional) are of course possible. Updates from different media (USB, SDcard, ... network) are supported as well as OTA (over the air) and thus optimizations regarding data size (Delta Update) and required bandwidth.
Security is also a top priority for updates – therefore we support signed update packages, X.509 certificates and secured transport routes.


To participate in this course, basic knowledge of the Linux operating system is expected as well as experience in dealing with the shell.


For program details see the agenda.

Duration: 2 half days remote or 1 day on-site

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In case of cancellation of the training due to force majeure, illness of the instructor or consultant and other unforeseeable events, there is no claim for delivery.