Industrial Grade Linux

Now it's real(ly) time!

Start smart with IGL 

Embedded developers are often faced with the task of deploying new hardware for a new project. The primary challenge there is to port the bootloader, operating system and third-party software components to the new hardware. This needs to be

  • reproducible
  • maintainable in the sense of updateability in the later product life cycle
  • secure in the sense of data security
  • and not causing any problems with regard to the CPU architecture used.

Our Industrial Grade Linux allows you to start your own application development immediately, while the BSP is adapted in parallel and hardened according to your requirements. Integrated in IGL are modern update methods (OTA - over the air, Delta Updates etc.), maintenance and support, hardware tests and much more. Supported solutions range from small embedded systems to edge / IIoT "servers" or gateways. And everything is based on open software and thus without a vendor lock-in.