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Realtime and Jailhouse Hypervisor

TUX Jailhouse

The development of the open source hypervisor Jailhouse was started in 2014. Jailhouse is specifically designed for the use of isolated real-time applications, be it bare-metal or RTOS based, or certifiable software.

Jailhouse is a type 1 hypervisor. As of summer 2020, Linux handles the initial hardware initialization, so the hypervisor remains extremely lean.

This enables code that is significantly smaller than 10,000 LoC per supported CPU architecture. The realtime capability is achieved or maintained with an additional latency in the order of approx. 1 ┬Ásec. No other hypervisor comes close to this dimension.

Jailhouse thus makes it possible to combine solutions, which were previously distributed across different computers/controllers, and run them on a homogeneous or heterogeneous multi-core CPU. Thanks to the ability to support different operating systems or bare-metal applications, the applications often do not have to be changed.

Native Latency ARM
Jailhouse Latency