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Linux Fundamentals -
from Bootloader to System

become a Linux Professional

In addition to special courses on a variety of topics, we offer multi-day training to enable you easy access into the world of Embedded Linux, or to deepen your knowledge of Linux. Our program here features two sequential courses:

The Fundamentals course addresses experts in the embedded software field who aim to acquire essential skills for Embedded Linux.

The Internals course is tailored to experienced Linux developers wanting to further expand their knowledge.

However, we would gladly coordinate the focal points with you on an individual basis. You will find information about the contents on the respective agenda. Or ask us directly!

Course Description

A course for anyone that is tasked with building a (embedded) Linux device. The course begins with an overview of the structure and functionality of Linux, covers the kernel as central building block of Linux, and outlines tools with which a Linux system can be created for your hardware (build systems). The second day focuses on debugging and development environments for the generation of applications. In this context, you will familiarize yourself with GNU compilers, among others, and the most important debugging tools. The third and last day deals with cross-development, the difference to native development, Linux's Root File System, and last but not least the topic of licenses and open source software.


To participate in this course, basic knowledge of the programming language C is the only essential requirement.


For program details see the agenda.

Duration: 5 half days remote or 3 days on-site.

For registration and further information please contact us at

In case of cancellation of the training due to force majeure, illness of the instructor or consultant and other unforeseeable events, there is no claim for delivery.