We do not walk alone

Strong through collaboration

Linutronix is one of those companies deeply involved in the development of Linux. Among other tasks, we are responsible for the maintenance and care of the x86 architecture. Moreover, we are the driving force behind the development of Linux realtime capabilities.

In addition to our engagement in the development of Linux we actively participate in various associations. We are members of the Linux Foundation, OPC Foundation, OSADL, and we are also a Yocto Project Participant!


Since 2014 Linutronix is a Silver Member of the  Linux Foundation.

In 2015, the Real Time Linux collaborative project was initiated by the Linux Foundation.

The goal of this project is to advance progress on the RT-Preempt Patch in order to fully integrate it into the mainline kernel. In this context, Thomas Gleixner (one of the managing directors of Linutronix), was awarded the designation of Linux Foundation Fellow, a status only held by a few persons besides Linus Torvalds.


Linux Foundation Silver Member


In January 2022 Linutronix GmbH has become a member of the OPC Foundation. With this membership, Linutronix is aiming to provide its customers with products that can be certified by the OPC Foundation and that enable a seamless use of open source solutions in automation on the basis of open62541.

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OPC Foundation Member


As a member of the ARM Community, Linutronix has supported the consolidation of the ARM architecture for Linux for years.



Linutronix is a founding member of OSADL, which was founded in 2006.