Tailor made solutions

Test system and quality control

Software is growing more and more complex. Testing and validation is therefore getting more and more important! We not only validate our BSPs, we also set up a corresponding environment for you!


Standardized Tests

For recurring tasks, for example validating a real-time system, we have predefined tests available. With this, new kernel versions or new integrated drivers can be thoroughly tested. Further, long-term measurements are also possible!

Automatic Tests on Target Hardware

Our test rack was developed for automatic testing of software on a specific target platform. This environment enables remote control of all important hardware interfaces. Consequently, any tests can be conducted "remote" and can be automatically analyzed. Our test racks are highly flexible and allow the integration of almost all hardware platforms!

Customized Tests

Besides to our predefined testing methods, we can integrate project and client specific tests: Either in-house, or as desired in your testing environment. We are also completely familiar with topics such as lifecycle management and security patch tracking! We would be happy to assist you in the development of a suitable concept!