Industrial linux

Now it's real(ly) time!

Open Source Solutions

Given the complexity of today's tasks and the power of SoCs, it takes many years of experience to figure out the right approach from the many possibilities.

Bootloader, kernel, driver, hypervisor, container, realtime capability, security and so on are part of our technical core competences. In addition, we have also acquired profound knowledge in almost two decades of open source development when it comes to topics such as license compliance.

Not only do we continue to develop the realtime capability of Linux as part of the Preempt-RT patch, we are   also actively involved in the integration of forward-looking technologies such as Time Sensitive Network   (TSN).

 We support the development of the open source OPC UA stack and integrate it into our BSPs. In order to be able to offer a future-proof system already today.

We integrate graphics and camera/video requirements as well as browsers just like frameworks like OpenCL or OpenCV perfectly tuned and integrated with your hardware. This gives you, for example, solutions on which your Qt or HTML5 applications are ready for use immediately after power-on.
Virtualization can be used to increase the security of devices, but also to consolidate devices and applications and to improve flexibility.

We work with you to develop suitable solutions based on containers or the realtime capable hypervisor jailhouse.

We have solutions for the use of heterogeneous SoCs with different core architectures and FPGA shares. Depending on the use case with and without hypervisor support. And with open source solutions for communication between the different components.

Based on these solutions, you can then roll out your own cloud or edge solution.

Modern, open systems require continuous updates for bug fixes and security patches. And these require specific components on the target system as well as a solution for onboarding the devices to a roll-out and management server. Open source solutions are also the basis for our customized solutions of your requirements. Find more information about update management