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General information

Course dates as well as number of participants will be arranged and offered based on your wishes.

Procedure & required Hardware

During training, you will be working on a Linux system that has been prepared by us. We allocate you a bootable USB harddrive for this. You will be required to bring your own laptop. Please ensure before the start of the course that your notebook can boot from a USB! Needless to say you can take the USB harddrive home with you after the course.

The utilized target system is, dependent on the course, either a virtual machine (ARM) or an evaluation platform built on an ARM-based SoC. This hardware will be provided by Linutronix.

Our course hours are usually from 9:00 to about 13:00 (online) or 17:00 (on-site). Other course hours may be arranged upon request. The responsible trainer will contact you in good time before the event in order to coordinate the exact schedule.

For more information and proposal, please contact our training manager directly at +49 755 625 999 0 or via email to