Industrial Linux

Now it's real(ly) time!


Build System and IDE

Linutronix will, of course, support you in creating your own Linux distribution (also often called BSP). For this purpose, we not only offer the appropriate services, but also tools customized for your individual requirements.

The tools for creating your own Linux distribution are generally referred to as a build system. In simple terms, the task of a build system is to create a suitable combination of Linux operating system kernel and the appropriate programmes and libraries.

However, there are many aspects to be considered for this task: Reproducibility, security, updateability of the created system and management of open source licences are only some of the partial aspects that have to be considered here.

Two approaches to this complex of issues have become established on the market: Debian and Yocto. Of course, we support both approaches: With services, tooling and the training of your employees.