Industrial Linux

Now it's real(ly)time 

Device Management and Update Server

There are two scenarios. Either the server-side solution (device management server, roll-out server, deployment server) already exists, and in that case the device side has to be adapted to it. Our flexible solution meets this requirement.

Or a new solution is required on the server side, preferably a scalable solution (cloud), which is adaptable to the number of devices to be supplied.

  • Secure (authenticated) onboarding of your devices
  • Management of your devices
  • Monitoring your devices (utilisation, memory consumption, uptime, etc.)
  • Rolling out updates - per device, per group, according to freely selectable criteria
  • Successive roll-out - depending on the success of the previous campaign
  • Secure update even if device is not always connected to the network
  • Dashboard (optional) for a quick overview (device status)
  • Remote access and control

Based on proven open source projects and a lot of experience, we offer you a solution tailored exactly to your requirements.

Here you can find more background information on our criteria of choosing a particular open source tool and on what we consider to be the requirements for an update system.

OTA Update

In the future, there will be more demands put on the update system. Especially on the server side, because there are still some open questions about security. And this will affect the embedded part. Also will it become necessary to be able to update third-party software on the devices independently of the distributor.

Embedded Devices Independent Update

Approaches such as TUF (the update framework) and Uptane do offer solutions today. We are already integrating that into our update solution for embedded devices.