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Boot Concepts

There are several possibilities to boot a system after applying the operating voltage. When it comes to system behavior and especially the first impression users have of the system, the importance of the boot loader is often seriously underestimated.


The topic of boot time is becoming increasingly important in projects. Very often this topic comes up when switching from a microcontroller to a modern SOC. Because then you have to argue that although the new controller is significantly more powerful, the boot time has deteriorated substantially (due to the necessity of an operating system).

Furthermore, saving energy is becoming increasingly important. Especially in vehicles, many components are simply switched off when idle. However, all these components must be ready for operation again in significantly less than 2 seconds. With Linux, these requirements can be combined.

We show you how to optimize the boot time of your system. We offer a Service Package for this purpose. Furthermore, we provide the necessary knowledge in our courses, so that you yourself can also improve the boot-up time of your devices.

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