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Besides our involvement in open source software development, we actively and regularly engage at congresses and open source conferences such as the Linux Conference Europe and Embedded Linux Conference Europe. Below you will find the table of contents of articles as well as presentation slides and recordings from past conferences.

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OTA Update - Enterprise Class Update for Embedded Systems - preview




How not to break PREEMPT_RT at EOSS 2024 (Sebastian A. Siewior)

Do Existing Drivers Conflict with PREEMPT_RT? A 3-year Survey
at EOSS 2024 (Ahmed S. Darwish)

Explanatory video about onboarding with regard to regulations and industrial standards
at #ew24 (Linutronix)

Unblocking the softirq lock for PREEMPT_RT at Linux Plumbers Conference 2023 (Sebastian A. Siewior)

Secure Configuration of Heterogeneous TSN and DetNet End Stations
at TSN/A Conference 2023 (Dr. Florian Kauer)

Realtime Linux and TSN at the 2023 fall plenary of the Avnu Alliance (Sebastian A. Siewior)

Setting up Yocto Layers and Builds with Official Tools 2023 Edition at EOSS Prague 2023 (Alexander Kanavin)

Efficient and Practical Capturing of Crash Data on Embedded Systems
at ELCE 2023 (John Ogness)

Formalizing Kernel Synchronization Primitives with PREEMPT_RT at LPC 2021 (Ahmed S. Darwish) 

The New Issue of How to Not Break Parts of PREEMPT_RT at an ELISA Project Seminar 2022 (Sebastian A. Siewior) 

Multi Middleware Coexistence on Realtime Linux using TSN connectivity at TSN/A Conference 2022 (Kurt Kanzenbach) 

Software Time Sensitive Networking with Linux at TSN/A Conference 2021 (Kurt Kanzenbach) 

A Guided Tour through the PREEMPT RT Castle (Thomas Gleixner) 

Electronic Displays Conference 2021: Realtime and Graphics - a contradiction? (Ahmed S. Darwish)

OSS+ELC Europe 2020 - Keynotes (Thomas Gleixner) 

A Checklist for Writing Linux Real-Time Applications (John Ogness) 

State of the PREMPT_RT at the Real-time Linux Summit 2019 

Life Cycle Management und Embedded Linux (Kurt Kanzenbach) 

ELBE - Embedded Linux Build Environment (Kurt Kanzenbach) 

Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) mit Linux (Kurt Kanzenbach)

Building Real-Time Applications for Linux (John Ogness) 

Refactoring the Linux Kernel (Thomas Gleixner) 

Continuous integration: Jenkins, Libvirt and Real Hardware (Anna-Maria Gleixner und Manuel Traut) 

The Status of the Preempt-RT Patch (Sebastian A. Siewior) 

Creating Efficient Small Core Dumps for Embedded Systems (John Ogness) 

How to Boot Linux in One Second (Jan Altenberg) 

Using the Linux Tracing Infrastructure (Jan Altenberg) 

Introduction to Realtime Linux (Jan Altenberg) 

Linux Secured Integrity - Protection Against Remote Attacks (Holger Dengler) 

The path of the private FUTEX (Sebastian Siewior) 

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