27. September 2022

TSN/A Conference

RT Linux and TSN connectivity "Multi Middleware Coexistence on RT Linux using TSN connectivity" by Kurt Kanzenbach, Linutronix GmbH, on Wed 28 Sept, 14:15 - 14:45 in Stuttgart 

Linux in combination with PREEMPT_RT is a popular operating system for devices in TSN networks. Over the last years several TSN technologies have been integrated into the Linux kernel. Phoenix Contact in collaboration with Intel and Linutronix developed a set of tools to evaluate whether these Linux
technologies are suitable to run industrial protocols such as PROFINET and/or OPC/UA PubSub over TSN on top of a single network interface. In this contribution we show concept and tools, evaluate what precision and performance as well as limitations can be expected in deploying multiple middlewares using Linux mainline functionalities.

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