25. Juli 2023

TSN/A Conference 2023

Linutronix experts share their knowledge  
On 27th and 28th September, we will be part of this year's TSN/A Conference in Ludwigsburg. The TSN/A Conference 2023 will focus on current or planned deployments of TSN. Topics such as Open Source TSN, Wireless TSN and Cloudification of TSN Reliability build the technological bridge to Application areas like Cyber Physical Systems, Industrial Internet of Things, Real-Time Audio & Video, Aerospace, and Intelligent Transportation Systems.

Our experts Kurt Kanzenbach and Florian Kauer will contribute with insights on TSN testbench and detnetctl. Beyond that, our founder Thomas Gleixner will be part of a panel discussion on Virtualized control with TSN.

We look forward to seeing you at the conference.