05. Oktober 2023

TSN/A Conference Sep 2023

TSN/A conference packed with highlights
The TSN/A 2023 has provided exciting insights into the world of time-sensitive networking (TSN). Two days were packed with interesting talks and discussions from tools, techniques and testbench, over recent standardization efforts, to TSN application reports like cancer treatment.

Linutronix is a long-term member of the TSN community and has provided several contributions to this year's conference. Our expert Kurt Kanzenbach was part of the program committee and has moderated a session about TSN endpoints. Also, his work on the open-source TSN testbench in collaboration with Phoenix Contact and Intel was presented by Walfred Tedeschi (Intel).

Florian Kauer from Linutronix has given a talk about "Secure Configuration of Heterogeneous TSN and DetNet End Stations" where he presented our current efforts towards building an open-source end station configuration solution for TSN. This work shall enable the convenient deployment of time-sensitive network applications from small embedded systems to edge computing environments in the context of virtualized factory control (vPLC) or similar time-sensitive applications.

In the panel discussion about virtualized control, our CTO Thomas Gleixner has highlighted the importance of educating and guiding current and future IT network technicians in the area of real-time networking to enable truly convergent networking with and without real-time capabilities. Furthermore, the collaborative development of open-source software is essential to build a stable foundation for future time-sensitive use cases.

If you are tired of using incompatible industrial field buses, but conventional Ethernet does not fulfill your reliability and latency requirements, get in touch with us, so we can show you what is possible with TSN today!