Industrial linux

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IGL features include ...  

Linux Security


A very important aspect is a hardened version of IGL. In close coordination with the customer, a wide variety of design approaches can be applied here. Support for hardware-based approaches such as HSM, TPM or ARM Trustzone are just as much a part of this as the use of apparmor, white listing of permitted applications, X.509 certificates, secure communication (TLS, VPN, ...) or encryption of storage media.

Together with suitable hardware components such as HSM / TPM - which are not mandatory - the integrity and authenticity of the device, but also of the software components including the applications (also containers) are ensured.


We constantly monitor relevant data such as CVE publications and keep you informed. By means of our matching patches you can easily update your IGL system.

For further protection of your applications you can use our container solution. If you need an even higher security level, we offer a realtime capable hypervisor (jailhouse) as a solution.

Multi Core Solution
IGL features table

Easy migration to Linux

In order to make the entry into the world of Linux easy, Linutronix offers Visual Studio as IDE for application development as well as Qt Creator or an Eclipse based IDE.

IGL allows you to develop your applications from day one. You don't have to wait until your specific BSP is available.